Review: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I was very skeptic about trying this cleanser out since most Clean and Clear products cleanse very well and sometimes leave my dry skin a little bit tight and uncomfortable.  I took the chance anyway since the cleanser claimed to be hydrating.

A little bit about my skin

I have dry skin almost all year round and it becomes normal around the summer months.  I do not have much excess oil but do still have blackheads around my nose area.  I do not have any acne but do have redness and broken veins around me nose and cheeks.  My ideal cleanser is something that cleans my skin deeply yet doesn't leave it feeling dry and tight.

About the cleanser

This cleanser can be found at any drugstore and retails for around $5.49.  You get 8 oz of product.

It claims to

- Wake up the skin
- Invigorating and foaming
- With cucumber and green mango extracts
- Boosts skin moisture

What it actually does

- Does not feel invigorating at all, does not feel cold or tingly on my skin.  It feels like any regular cleanser, so I disagree with the invigorating and waking up claim that this cleanser makes.
- Does not foam, but still creates a good soapy lather, just not foamy.
- After washing it does not dry out the skin at all, yet it doesn't add moisture to the skin either.
- It does not leave any film on the face like most hydrating cleansers do, it just leaves the skin feeling normal, not too dry and not super moisturized either.
- I still need to apply my moisturizer after this.
- I was using this during the middle of winter and did notice my skin was not super dry.
- This cleanser has a mild cucumber scent which is very pleasant.
- I do not have acne prone skin so I don't know how this will work if you have acne.
- Did not make any difference to facial redness.

You will love this if you are looking for something that:

- Cleans deeply
- Doesn't leave skin dry and tight feeling


Overall I would really recommend this product to those out their suffering from dry skin.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more product reviews.

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored review.  I have purchased this product myself and all opinions are my own honest opinions.

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