I am always on the hunt for cleansers that clean the skin gently without stripping it of its oils.  When I came across the Boot's Botanics line at Target, I grabbed their Cleansing Foam wash to try.  The cleanser claims to gently cleanse of makeup and impurities.  This cleanser really does clean gently though.  It is a clear cleanser with a mild scent to it.

When I tried to wash off a full face of makeup, I did have problems with the eye area and found that this cleanser did not remove waterproof make very well.  Upon checking the directions, it does say to avoid the eye area so its really not made for removing tough eye makeup.  I did find that the cleanser cleansed my skin rather well, leaving it feeling fresh and soft.  It did not over dry my already dry skin nor did it make my face feel tight.

The cleanser also claims to brighten which it does.  I use this cleanser on days when I either have very minimal makeup (tinted moisturizer. or powder foundation) or on days when I don't have any makeup on at all.  It works great on those days when I looking for a gentle cleanse.  If you have dry skin and don't wear much makeup I would highly recommend this cleanser to you.

I paid $7.50 for this cleanser at Target for 5 oz of product which has lasted me a few months.

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