Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Collection Review + Swatches

MegaCushion Matte Lip Cream

I got all three shades available Melon it like it is, Bubblegum in Paradise and Doll So Hard.  The lip creams are very thick, so you do have to squeeze hard to get them out of the tube.  The consistency is thick and creamy when applied to the lips.  I found that it made my lips look drier than they really were because the product stuck to dry patches.  Also if you are someone who likes their lipstick application to be very precise then you may not like this product because the sponge applicator does not allow precise application.  It is however good for the Korean lip trend where the color is applied only on the center of the lips.  When applied with a brush, it is still hard to get a neat edge because the lip creams are quiet slippery.  Overall I did not enjoy the slippery nature of these lip creams.  They are similar in texture to the NYX soft matte lip creams.  By the end of the day, these lip creams were crumbling and did not look attractive.  I would not recommend these because there are a lot of better options out there as far as matte lip products go.  Including the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks from Wet n Wild. 

MegaCushion Contour-Cafe` au Slay! 105A

The contour shade I got was – Café Au Slay.  It has a thin consistency similar to cushion foundations.  I applied it with a synthetic brush to contour my cheeks and found blending a breeze.  It starts off wet and dries down to a drier finish.  I thought I would have to set it with powder when I first saw how liquid it was but it actually dries down to a nice finish where you don’t HAVE to set it with powder.  The tone of this shade is actually quiet warm.  When blended out it looked a bit orangey, so if you like those grey-brown contour shades then you may not like this one.  I personally don’t mind a warm contour shade.  The cushion contour wore well throughout the day despite not being set with powder. 

MegaCushion Highlight Who’s that Pearl 103A

I was pleasantly surprised with the cushion highlight, since it doesn’t look like much in the packaging.  However, once applied to the skin it gave a beautiful wet sheen.  The shade is a light pinkish shade, I usually lean towards warmer gold highlight shades but this one looked great.  It definitely popped against my skin and lasted all day.  I used a natural hair brush to apply it on my cheek bones.  Like the contour it starts off wet and then dries down, sets well and lasts all day.  

See the products in action in my video review + demo. 

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